MAKE WAY FOR THE NEW: This August our focus is on clearing shop space for the new Roset collection due early September. That means we've great ex-display bargains AND a fantastic promotion: 25% OFF these cabinet ranges: Lumeo wardrobes, Book&Look, Cemia, Dedicato, Estampe, Et Cetera, Everywhere, Hyannis Port, Lines, Mixte, Oka, Tarmac, and Tolbiac. WOW!

Ligne Roset Westend is the brand's longest running UK shop. We divide the collection between this shop's cosy boutique and the dramatic spaces of our City store, Roset's largest urban showcase in the world.

We pride ourselves on our friendly atmosphere, service and aftercare that only an owner-managed business can provide. Drop into Mortimer Street to see the very latest in the collections.

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